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Monthly Archives: January 2022


Search Warrant Requirements In Florida

By OA Law Firm |

Random property searches during the pre-revolutionary War era were one of the most serious points of contention between American colonists and their British overlords. Officials used writs of assistance, which were basically blank search warrants, to randomly search property for contraband. Back in those days, “contraband” was anything the British government didn’t like. So,… Read More »

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Unapproved And Approved FSTs In Florida: What’s The Difference?

By OA Law Firm |

The Field Sobriety Tests are usually an important component of a DUI prosecution. If the defendant provides a chemical sample, the FSTs establish probable cause for the demand of a sample. If there was no probable cause, the chemical test result is usually inadmissible in court. Additionally, in a significant number of cases, prosecutors… Read More »

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Some Effective Defenses In Sex Crimes Cases

By OA Law Firm |

Once upon a time, sex cases were very difficult to defend, even if the prosecutor’s case was rather weak. Most jurors assumed that most people charged with sex offenses were monsters. Now, that attitude is changing. Jurors and judges are much more willing to look at valid defenses than they were in previous years…. Read More »

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Jail Release Options In Hillsborough County

By OA Law Firm |

Many of the personality changes and other issues incarcerated people face can be traced to the brain injuries these individuals usually suffer. When cell doors close, the defendant’s stress hormone levels elevate significantly. So, these individuals often cannot make good decisions about their cases when they are in jail. When they get out, friends… Read More »

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Search And Seizure Issues In Prescription Drug Possession Cases In Court

By OA Law Firm |

If you thought the War on Drugs was over, think again. This campaign is still going strong. The number of arrests has risen steadily since the 1990s, and about 80 percent of them are for simple possession. Although police are very aggressive in making arrests, as outlined below, these charges often don’s hold up… Read More »

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