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Few things are more important than maintaining one's freedom. However, that freedom is at risk once criminal charges have been brought against you. A conviction can have disastrous consequences, often resulting in incarceration, fines, a permanent criminal record, and the inability to obtain sufficient employment or housing. If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime then it is crucial that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you. Omar Abdelghany is a Tampa lawyer assisting Florida residents who have been charged with a crime. He works to provide the highest level of service and dedication to his clients. Our firm will give your case the attention it rightfully deserves. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. He also assists those in other parts of Tampa Bay, Florida.

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Both the state of Florida and the federal government apply strict penalties against those who break the law. Prosecutors are relentless in their attempt to eradicate and punish criminal behavior. If a conviction is obtained, its effects could potentially last a lifetime. Tampa residents who are convicted of a criminal offense will receive a sentence based on the nature of the charges, the severity of their conduct, their prior criminal record, and the presence of any aggravating factors, such as the use of a firearm. Typical charges brought by a prosecutor may include:

If you or a loved one has been charged with any of these offenses then it is imperative that you understand the gravity of such a predicament. Retaining a lawyer is necessary to ensure that your rights will remain protected.

Omar Abdelghany is a Tampa attorney who founded his firm on the belief that everyone is entitled to exceptional representation. He will review your police report or probably cause affidavit before the initial consultation. During the consultation, he will listen to your side of the story and gain an understanding of what you should expect from the legal system in your particular situation. Once retained he will inform the courts and the prosecution that he is representing you. He will also conduct a full investigation to ensure that all evidence relating to the matter is obtained, including any witness statements and other police reports. If he believes that law enforcement violated your rights and obtained evidence unlawfully then a dismissal of the charges will be pursued. If a dismissal is not possible then Omar will seek the best possible resolution. If necessary this resolution will include taking your case to trial and making sure that your rights are protected throughout the process.

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Omar knows that being charged with an offense can be an immensely stressful experience. This is why Tampa residents need a lawyer who understands the need to be available to his or her clients at all times. Omar prides himself on his ability to personally communicate with his clients when they need him most, whether it is promptly returning their phone calls, emails, text messages, or keeping them apprised of changes in the status of their case. He takes this responsibility personally and will see to it that your needs are met by him directly. Call today to speak with an attorney.

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Omar Abdelghany is Tampa, Florida criminal defense attorney who prides himself on providing the highest level of service. Omar handles all matters in our office personally and he makes lawyer-client communication a priority. Call today if you are charged with a misdemeanor, a felony, or if you have charges pending in federal court.

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